We appreciate you may have some initial questions regarding how the process works so we have listed some of the most typically asked questions we receive below. 
If you can't find your question here then please feel to get in touch and we'll be happy to answer and assist. 
How long does it take? 
It varies, but typically 9-12 months to obtain planning permission and complete a sale of the land can be achieved. 
What happens if planning permission is refused? 
Inspire would forfeit any cost incurred. As this is at our risk. 
What are the risks for me? 
None whatsoever, as we front the financial risks for you. 
Are our discussions with you confidential? 
Absolutely, all our discussions we have with you are in the strictest of confidence and be without any obligation. 
Is planning permission guaranteed? 
No. All our schemes are of the highest standard but ultimately the local authority has the final say. It can be very difficult and time-consuming to negotiate the planning system and get it working for you unless you have the experience. Sometimes despite the best chance of success the planning application can be refused. 
How do I know you will obtain the best permission possible for the site? 
As our percentage is taken from uplift on the onward sale price of the site, both the landowner and developer share the same common goal and incentive. With there being an actual sale at market value before any division of proceeds, the landowner and developer are working side by side to maximise the value of the land. Furthermore with there being an actual sale at market value rather than an offer based on a hypothetical valuation, a more transparent process is achieved resulting in a more positive working relationship between all parties involved. 
If you are looking to sell your land with the benefit of planning permission please visit our contact page. You will get all of the benefits of planning on your land without the laborious and daunting task of navigating the system and the associated financial pitfalls if planning is ultimately refused! 
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