We are a small, professional, experienced and personal local property development company. We seek to offer the landowner an enhanced land value by obtaining the most advantagous planning permission. 
All our schemes are of the highest quality and we will organise all the site visits, design works, surveys, applications, appeals and re-applications where necessary. Our planning permission will significantly enhance the value of your land enabling us to pay over the current market value. 


Inspire Land and Planning provides a tailor made service that seeks to the maximum value of your land by obtaining planning permission. 


The detail of the scheme is a significant factor in obtaining planning permission and, more importantly, what the ultimate land is worth. 
We specialise in obtaining planning for design led schemes that enhance and have a positive impact to the local area with a focus on innovative design and a belief in a more transparent approach to selling land for development by offering landowners a fairer method. The price of the land is fixed. No last minute re-negotiations or 'picky' house buyer surveys. No estate agents fee's to pay! We assume the financial risk in obtaining the planning permission required, to enable us to purchase the land at an enhanced value. 
If you are looking to sell your land with the benefit of planning permission please visit our contact page. You will get all of the benefits of planning on your land without the laborious and daunting task of navigating the system and the associated financial pitfalls if planning is ultimately refused! 
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